Ims Guru implements Utility Billing system in 13 Water Agencies, Somalia

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Utility Billing in Somalia
imsguru - March 18, 2019 - 0 Comments

The water agencies in Somalia need to charge for water, sewer and garbage for every customer the have and assign payments to the appropriate utility. The agencies are also tasked with collection of the payments, receipting and reporting

The water agencies have partnered with the Utility and Billing System which integrates the billing and payments seamlessly to improve cash flow by targeting & ranking overdue customers easily.

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High Quality Billing Solutions

Utility Billing seamlessly integrates with accounting and ERP systems enabling the agencies to have control of customers and their financial data which assures quick & accurate results.

The system saves staff time and reduce the potential for errors like double entry since collection connects with Utility Billing and Cash Receipting.

We Automate Billing and Collection

The Billing and Collection module is easy to use and equipped with a collection reconciliation tool enabling users to rectify mistakes in daily collections for increased efficiency.

The system is user friendly and performs smooth & flexible calculations enabling users to complete billing on time with numerous printing options to improve customer relations & bill payments.

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