Tegemeo Cereals adopts Sanyiko for aggregating Sorghum and Perl Millet

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Tegemeo Cereals Ltd
imsguru - July 29, 2022 - 0 Comments

Tegemeo Cereals Ltd offers agronomic support services and provides extension to farmers and producers organizations basically known as ‘farmer groups’. The company offers credit facilities in terms of inputs and school advances which are recovered after aggregation.

Tegemeo has partnered with Sanyiko which is an agri-tech system for produce aggregation to help the company manage clients, credit facility and recovery of the inputs seamlessly to improve customer relations and capitalize on profitability.

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High Quality Agri-tech Solutions

We provide aggregators with a cloud-based system and mobile app to help them manage data and perform accounting operations through an inbuilt industry-standard accounting tool and offer a proper reporting process at the same time.

The system is integrated with Mpesa to enable the company initiate payments to the farmer within the app making Payments timely, transparent and easily documented.

We Connect Farmers With Companies

Sanyiko helps to onboard both large & small scale farmers to the companies. The company is able to manage purchase and payments in a timely manner and keep track of the transactions done by different transporters, the routes, goods and end contacts which satisfies the clients.

Sanyiko offers better planning by enabling registry of all outgrowers, tracking harvest dates, outstanding payments and estimated yields to improve efficiency.

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