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    NGO EXPERT-Project Accounting

    As per the local laws and regulations of most countries, NGOs should maintain a financial management system for recording and reporting all types of financial transactions made by them for implementing the projects and running the organization.

    EXPERT NGO Projects module is a unique solution specifically designed for accounting of Donor funded projects. Customers can manage multiple projects from various donors and will be able to prepare all the financial reports required by the donors. Since  EXPERT is a web based system, all the field offices can enter and manage their own transactions from anywhere.

    Key Features

    Expert allows exchange ranges as each donor funding the projects prescribe their own exchange rates to be followed and also, allows co-financing since most of the development projects are always co-financed by more than one donor. We  allow each project to have its own Chart of Accounts making it possible to generate clean reports.


    EXPERT will produce the required financial reports like Budget comparisons, Detailed Ledgers, Payment Vouchers & Transactions list for the Donors in a click of a button.