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    Sanyiko-Farm Produce Aggregation

    Sanyiko is an agri-tech software and app that helps produce-aggregating companies to automate and manage the produce collection process. We provide aggregators with cloud-based and mobile solutions to help them manage data on farmers and handle payments to registered farmers

    The aggregator can initiate payments to the farmer within the app which is integrated with Mpesa services. The company is able to make bulk disbursals which makes the payments timely, transparent and easy to report. The suite comes with an  inbuilt  industry-standard accounting and inventory tools which makes accounting easy even for non-accounting users.

    Automating produce Aggregation

    Considering the App can be used in both phones and PCs, sales and Purchase record keeping becomes decentralized as well as onboarding customers can also be done remotely helping the company to reach out to more customers.


    The system has an inbuilt MIS tooling to keep accounts in synchrony and automatically update all accounts associated with sales, purchases and produce movement as well as payments. This offers better insights by analyzing real-time financial summaries  to improve efficiency.