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    MFI EXPERT-Core Banking System

    MfI Expert is a cloud based ERP system for Sacco’s and credit only microfinance institutions. The system improves business agility & operational effectiveness by providing Credit Only microfinance institutions with a flexible environment that improves distribution, offers faster product definition, and includes better risk insight and reporting capabilities.

    Technically advanced with most comprehensive and flexible functionality, MFI Expert offers microfinance institutions a technological competitive edge that creates a unique value proposition for customers upholding customer relations, core banking & mobile money apps. The system enables the following functionalities;

    • Flexible Saving & Loan Products
    • Automated Workflow & Security
    • Mobile Money And CRB Checks
    • Dashboards & Reports

    High Quality Accounting & Reporting

    System integrates customer data, savings accounts and loan accounts linking them to an inbuilt -standard accounting tool performing smooth and flexible calculations accurately improving customer relations.


    MFI Expert processes your data into Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet ledgers for easier internal and external auditing to improve business agility and increase operational effectiveness. The system can further break down the reporting into various entries i.e. regions, branches, products or loan officers to offer better risk insight and reporting capabilities.